Property Owners

Rothschild Real Estate is a boutique real estate agency specializing in entrepreneurship, buying, selling, renting and marketing properties and projects in Tel Aviv.

The firm is managed by Shira Dunsky and Eyal Furmansky, realtors with many years of experience in the real estate industry, behind which is a team of agents with experience in advertising and marketing in the real estate and business world.

Our real estate agents who accompany you closely and continuously throughout the process will make you feel all the different. We understand and are aware that any purchase or sale of a property may result in a large financial gain or loss. Therefore, there is no room for mistakes here. We operate in the most efficient and quick fashion.

As a boutique brokerage firm, we specialize in handling a limited number of properties. We treat every asset in our care as a project in its own right and take full care of it.

We have a common interest – selling the property at the highest price and in the shortest time.


Property Owners